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Top 5 Business Data News Articles

How to get a hot tech job? Miami Dade College to offer 'big data' degree

September 27,2016 10:22 AM
Data scientist, data analyst, data architect, business intelligence analyst – the job titles vary but companies can't seem to get enough of them in this hot ...

25 Data Management Vendors Worth Watching

September 27,2016 10:11 AM
More data, more types of data, and the need to leverage it all to create more business value -- those are some of the drivers behind enterprise ...

German Regulator Orders Facebook to Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data

September 27,2016 10:00 AM
Hamburg's commissioner for data protection, Johannes Caspar, said ... German data-protection law after WhatsApp changed its data-sharing terms ...

Data quality investment expanding, but business case process needs improvement

September 27,2016 10:00 AM
In the rapidly growing field of data quality, businesses are investing in new technology, but current practices for building a data quality business case ...

Disrupt with Data: Looker Rallies Data Pros to New York for Join 2016

September 27,2016 10:00 AM
BUSINESS WIRE)--Looker, the company that is powering data-driven businesses, is gathering the most innovative minds in data and analytics at its ...


Palantir charged with discrimination against Asian applicants

September 27,2016 11:18 AM
Palantir Technology, the data-mining giant that has gradually become one of downtown Palo Alto's most visible tenants, was charged Monday with ...

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Stock To See 40% Drop With No Acquisition Bid

September 27,2016 10:45 AM
The analyst also countered the notion of Disney and Salesforce looking to buy Twitter for data mining purposes by noting that they could just ask for ...

GE Introduces the Digital Mine to Boost Efficiency and Drive Improved Safety and Productivity

September 27,2016 10:22 AM
Intelligent, real-time monitoring across the mine, allows operators to make data-driven decisions that improve equipment reliability and optimize mine ...

Palantir sued for allegedly discriminating against Asian job candidates

September 27,2016 10:11 AM
Palantir Technologies, the secretive CIA-funded data-mining company, is being sued by the US Department of Labor for allegedly discriminating ...

DART taps firm to 'mine' social media data

September 27,2016 09:58 AM
"There's so much information out there that public agencies must harness in order to be agile and efficient in the modern data age. The old tools and ...

Why is my XPath concatenating href attributes?

September 27,2016 09:14 AM
I am attempting to create an XPath that will point to the href attribute of a button (handling pagination). My XPath is as follows: //a[contains(@class ...

Who Is Mining Your Data? A Guide

September 27,2016 09:01 AM
-How your enemies can have you attacked on “data-mining” services? Every time you touch a keyboard, you hand your opposition the tools of your ...

The Morning Download: Microsoft Roots Out Software Bugs With Artificial Intelligence

September 27,2016 07:33 AM
The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against data-mining firm Palantir Technologies for discriminating against Asian job applicants since ...

How to find popular search from a set of search strings in php?

September 27,2016 06:48 AM
I have a data set of searches made on a website. I have to find top searches ... You can create a table in database, which will contain columns ...

Mozilla releases 'rebellious' selfie app against EU copyright reform

September 27,2016 06:37 AM
The reforms include clauses which would limit exceptions for text and data mining to public institutions, meaning that startups would not be permitted ...